About UEC

About University Evening College,

University Evening College is one of the four constituent colleges of the University of Mysore, open to those who cannot pursue their studies during day time. It was established in 1965 at the campus of the Maharaja College, a premier college in the city of Mysore. In accordance with the motto of the University “Nahi Jnaanena Sadrisham”, this college has been promoting education for those who are already employed somewhere and cannot afford to gain it in “mainstream”, Day-College system. For the last 49 years, it has been catering to the educational needs of youngster as well as middle aged aspirants. The college has a specific and special character: it has always accommodated the students who would like to ‘learn while earning’ and it considers this as its topmost social responsibility. It has tried to improve the lives of diverse undergraduate learners through exemplary teaching and academic ambience. During the period of 49 years, the college continued to flourish as a result of the dedication and hard work of the teachers, students and the administrative staff of the College.

The Principal of the college functions as “Principal-in-Council of the academic council consisting of all heads of the departments of the college. All decisions pertaining to the overall development of the college, teaching/non-teaching and students are taken democratically and transparently. The teaching community of this college is the greatest asset of this College. At present, there are 15 regular teachers and more than 20 part-time teachers. The faculty members have not only made significant contribution in the academic field but also have contributed to the corporate life of the college. There is great sense of togetherness in this college between teachers, students and non-teaching staff.

The college is planning to celebrate its golden jubilee in 2015. It boasts of several courses such as B.A., B.Com. B.B.M and post-graduation in History. The college offers diverse subjects in these streams of courses. Nearly a thousand students are studying in the college. It has provided a perfect launching pad for thousands of students over the years who have studied in the college and have become successful in their life. The college is proud to have a separate library of its own, computer section and a well-equipped office of administration. The college is no less to other Day-colleges in conducting extra-curricular activities. Every year, the college brings out a multi-lingual student-magazine for honing and encouraging creative output of the students. The students have always contributed to their magazine enthusiastically.

Thus far twenty three principals have ably administered the college and have contributed to its growth immensely. Ably aided by well qualified teaching faculty members, the college is thriving with better performance. Over the years the college has attracted teaching staff with several academic credentials.

The college is home to both N.S.S (National Service Scheme) and N.C.C. (National Cadet Corps). The N.S.S was awarded the national NSS award and NSS state award. Through the NSS unit, the college has created a space for the students to participate, enlighten and create a consciousness among the public about social, economic, cultural, legal and environmental issues of society. Needless to say, the college boasts of this unit as we hardly come across such units in any evening college in the Mysore district. The college has taken care to establish “Women’s Cell” to address grievances of the girl-students as well as women teachers.

The college has an N.C.C unit too. National Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organization, comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force. Once again the evening college boasts of a faculty who is in charge of this unit in Mysore.