Greetings for UEC’s

Greetings for UEC’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations

It is indeed a great moment for me to congratulate the University Evening College (UEC) for successful completion of fifty glorious years (1965- 2015). Started in 1965 on a small scale with the noble intention of imparting knowledge and skills to the students who cannot get education during day time, the college has grown into one of the four important constituent colleges of the University of Mysore and by the grace of its stake holders such as students, teaching and non-teaching faculty, UEC is now considered as a distinguished college in Karnataka. Envisaging the motto of the University of Mysore (nahi jnanena sadrusham), the college has been imparting knowledge and skills to hundreds of students since its inception in 1965. I feel happy to reminisce that the college celebrated its Silver Jubilee grandly in 1990 and now it is proudly on the path of celebrating its golden jubilee in 2015.

I am very delighted to notice that the quality of graduates in the UEC is recognized by the employers in public and private sector. I am aware that many students of this college, who earn while learning, have made big names in several public and private sector after their education in this college. The alumni of this college are contributing in their professions and have earned senior positions nationally and internationally. It is indeed heartening to note that there is an ample scope for expanding this college intellectually and academically. Being the Vice-chancellor of the University of Mysore, I wish to realize the larger expansion of this evening college into both teaching and research institute. 

With the help and support of the dedicated and high caliber faculty, talented students and competent staff, the UEC is striving hard for achieving many milestones in near future. I am confident that with greater commitment and prayers of our well-wishers, the UEC will become paragon of excellence. Once again, I heartily congratulate the college on its Golden Jubilee celebrations!

Prof. K.S. Rangappa
University of Mysore