The University Evening College looks forward to the 21st century as a challenge and an opportunity to build our college as a vehicle of change and growth to prepare students think critically and act responsibly in a rapidly changing global environment. It envisions a strong and vital college development which, in the future will be

  • A community of the great embrace, welcoming men and women from all walks of life, locally, nationally, and globally; 
  • A community of liberal learning, where scholarship, intellectual curiosity and creative expression invigorate all facets of our lives;
  • A community of service, which equips and empowers men and women to serve others with professional skill, grace, and integrity, including those who live out their lives on the periphery of society;
  • A community of wise stewards, who care for and enhance our treasures of heritage, people and place for generations to come,.

The vision of the evening college, thus, rests on leading excellent, distinctive and inspiring education. In tune with this vision, the colleg proposes

  1. To strengthen the above-mentioned existing courses 
  2. To start new courses of post-graduation in the field of law (L.L.B), commerce (M.Com.) and English literature (M.A)
  3. To gradually develop and promote the college as the centre of research and scholarship
  4. To play a lead role in capacity building of its students, preparing them for a pioneering and creative role in the development of the nation.
  5. It proposes to have a separate building and infrastructure of  its own to realise its vision

The college has already begun accessing and developing infrastructures needed for these courses. As such, the University Evening College wishes to be a leader in the field of higher education for those students who want to “learn while earning”. Its priority is to develop and elevate a community of choice for students, faculty and administrators, a model of excellence.